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PLEASE NOTE: We appreciate your business! We are no longer loading gift cards from the old Checker website. Please call us direct at 519-659-0400 if you would like to check your existing card balance or to discuss VIP account changes.

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Checker Account Application

Never again will you have to worry about getting where you want to go when you're short of cash. For business travel, it makes accounting for expenses a snap. Setting up an account for elderly parents, teenage children or a spouse helps to ensure that your loved ones are always in good hands.

Looking for our CheckerMATE mobile app?

VIP Checker Application

Being a VIP is Peace of Mind

With our convenient VIP program you never need to worry about having a credit card or cash. Pre-book or call when you need us. Our services are flexible and customizable. So, make sure the people around you always have a safe ride home.

Setting up an account for elderly parents, teenage children or a spouse helps to ensure that your loved ones are always in good hands. Have as many users on the account as you like. Monthly billing means your teenager or elderly father will never have to fret about cash as you’ve already taken care of it.

There is absolutely no cost to you. No fees. No interest. No catch. Just peace of mind. Already a VIP but need a Web Booker login? Click here!

VIP Personal Application

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Please Mail or Fax a void cheque and this application to:
Voyageur Transportation
573 Admiral Court
London, Ontario
N5V 4L3
Phone: 519-455-4579
Fax Number: 519-455-4402

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Confidential Information:

First Name: *
Last Name: *
Address: *
City: *
Province: *
Postal Code: *
Email: *
Phone: *

Account will be set up in 1-3 business days after your form and cheque is received.
Applicant has to be 18+ years old.
You can also scan a copy of this form and cheque and email it to

Billing Information:

I hereby authorize Voyageur Transportation (947465 Ontario Ltd.) to initiate debit entries to my chequing account at the depository financial institution indicated on the attached voided cheque. This will be done on the 25thday of each month for the full amount of the monthly charges. I understand that I will still receive a monthly invoice a minimum of 10 days prior; and that any other one-time special payment of miscellaneous fees will also be automatically debited from my account.

This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until Voyageur Transportation has received written notification from me of its termination.

Additional Cards for Family Members:


Web Account Registration:

Please fill out the following information if you are interested in signing up for a Web Booker Account and ensure you have a valid email address to be notified when your account has been approved

Confirm Email:
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Security Question:
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Name: ___________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _____________________________

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