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Never again will you have to worry about getting where you want to go when you're short of cash. For business travel, it makes accounting for expenses a snap. Setting up an account for elderly parents, teenage children or a spouse helps to ensure that your loved ones are always in good hands.


About Voyageur

Voyageur is an integrated logistics and transportation company. We provide a full spectrum of professional services including a Checker Limousine sedan service; school bussing, charter and shuttle services; freight delivery, pickup and logistics; specialized medical services – such as non-emergency patient transfers and on-site first aid for special events; and comprehensive training services in the areas of transportation and health and safety.

Voyageur has earned a reputation for exceeding all industry standards through its commitment to operational proficiency. This has led to superior customer satisfaction ratings in every sector in which the company operates.

 Our Mission: 

To share ingenious transportation solutions that are tuned our customers’ needs.

 Our Vision:

To be the preferred destination for transportation excellence

 Core Values:

• We value the growth, security, and the well being of our employees.

• We value and contribute to the communities we work in

• We value safety, efficiency and quality of service.

• We value innovation and profitability.