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Voyageur’s Specialized Transportation Division provides wheelchair and ambulatory transport to special-needs students attending daycares to secondary schools. It’s a specialty at which we excel. Our overall medical transportation experience is both comprehensive and well demonstrated. That translates into the unique insight and innovation we bring to our school bus operations. After all, Voyageur has been a leader in special-needs transportation since 1979. Over the years, we have built many long-term relationships with our clients and our rider families. Currently, we provide over 120 daily specialized student runs in Middlesex, Oxford, Elgin, Dufferin and Wellington Counties and Waterloo Region.

Safe and secure

Safety is our top priority at Voyageur. That commitment is reflected in our extensive safety programs for students and unparalleled training protocols for drivers. We employ two Ministry of Ontario-trained authorities to train, test and grant licenses to our drivers who have completed twenty different programs. It’s these high standards that have made Voyageur Ontario’s first name in school-bus safety and why we provide first-aid training for school bus operators across the Province.

On-time and up-to-date

We’re there when you need us, with accessible customer service and timely response. In fact, we guarantee a back-up vehicle will be on the scene within 15 minutes, should the need arise. We invest in the equipment and technology to keep our operations running at top performance — from a GPS on every bus to factory-authorized training for the latest model of tie-downs. And we’re always looking ahead; Voyageur draws support, education and innovation from membership to relevant and influential organizations, such as the Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario.