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Never again will you have to worry about getting where you want to go when you're short of cash. For business travel, it makes accounting for expenses a snap. Setting up an account for elderly parents, teenage children or a spouse helps to ensure that your loved ones are always in good hands.

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Know Before You Go

We are the three C's the cab companies do not want you to hear:
Comfortable, Consistent, and Comparable!

When we created Checker we wanted to give our customers a better way to buy transportation. Taxi and cab companies run using a meter, where you get charged for sitting at a red light or because of different routing by a driver. We didn’t like having to watch a meter or telling the driver to take a faster route and worry about paying a different price every time we went to the same place.

That's why we prefer Checker's zone-based flat rate pricing. We created a system so good that the City of London used it to set the standard by which all other operators follow now.

How Does Zone-Based Pricing Work?

Simple, really, we created a pricing grid over the city of London. You get charged based on the number of zones you travel through.

What does this mean for you? Regardless of traffic, weather, and discretionary routing, when you go from A to B you get the same price, every time.

We like our system because we trust consistency, Same price. Everytime.  If you haven't already tried our system, we think you will like it too.

Call us for your most accurate price. We think you’ll find that Checker is your highest value professional town car service… at a price comparable to taxi.


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