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Checker Account Application

Never again will you have to worry about getting where you want to go when you're short of cash. For business travel, it makes accounting for expenses a snap. Setting up an account for elderly parents, teenage children or a spouse helps to ensure that your loved ones are always in good hands.


Group Charters

Getting Married? Having a Christmas Party? Planning a group trip to a Toronto Raptors Basketball game? Need transportation to the airport to catch a flight for a business trip or vacation?  Let Voyageur eliminate the stress and worry about the transportation details for your special day, event, or business meeting.

Our large fleet of vehicles gives us the ability to meet the needs of any individual or group

Check out a few of our most popular vehicles

Our 21 seater vehicles have been designed to make any trip the ultimate in charter transportation. Each individual cloth covered captain's chair has lots of room to recline and stretch out. Bring as much luggage as you want. Riders never feel cramped because of the specially designed rear luggage compartment and additional over head storage. The air conditioning and TV/VCR are sure to make long trips pass by quickly.

Planning a group getaway?

We want to emphasize the versatility of group trips to anywhere. Sporting events, Theatre, shopping trips, group social needs, events and occasions, such as weedings. Sit back, relax and leave the driving to us.