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Never again will you have to worry about getting where you want to go when you're short of cash. For business travel, it makes accounting for expenses a snap. Setting up an account for elderly parents, teenage children or a spouse helps to ensure that your loved ones are always in good hands.


Corporate Charters

Productivity Redefined... Welcome To Our Rolling Boardroom

Travel time doesn’t need to be idle time with a deluxe mini-coach from Voyageur. Groups of 16 to 21 employees can not only travel together in luxuriously appointed comfort, they can be working together while they’re en route.

With our high-tech touches, we provide a virtual boardroom as you roll down the highway. High definition presentation screen, wireless satellite internet access and individual laptop power plugs give you all the tools you need for meetings on the go. For team building, training and information sessions, strategic planning or briefing the team on the big meeting... you’ve got a captive audience with no distractions the next time you’re on the road.

Anywhere you want to go... together

Whether you’re shuttling a group to the airport or travelling between branch offices or beyond, let us create a customized, personalized travel plan in one of Voyageur’s deluxe mini-coaches. You’ll avoid all the hassles, line-ups and chaos of group travel when you go by private charter.

Focus on safety and service

Voyageur’s reputation for driver training is renowned in the industry. And our mini-coach drivers are among the most seasoned professionals on our team. They are specially selected, not only for their record of safety and reliability, but for the professionalism and courtesy they will afford to every member of your team.

Well appointed comfort

Our mini-coaches are custom outfitted to provide all the creature comforts expected of executive travel. Stretch out with plenty of legroom or recline at the end of a long, productive trip.


You can depend on Voyageur to get you to your destination on time. Our mini-coach service is backed by the extensive infrastructure of the Voyageur Transportation organization. From planning and consulting through to scheduling and dispatching we make it our business to make sure no detail is overlooked.

Economical and Environmentally Sound

Group travel by deluxe mini-coach is not only productive; it also fits perfectly with your corporate budget and environmental vision. By eliminating the need for several vehicles to be travelling to the same destination, you’ll be saving rental and mileage expenses, while reducing your carbon footprint.